An Ode to Klines’ Ice Cream

32 Flavors

Vanilla, chocolate, or something else entirely?

Er since I was a lad of four

N’er was a time I went through the door

That I did not want to stop at at my favorite Ice Cream Store.

Their favors were so pure and true

From peppermint to honey dew

All I ever wanted when we were through shopping was Klines’.

Regular or Waffle or even a Split

You took me there (Or I had a fit!)

The best tasting yogurts from which I e’vr bit was a Kline’s Ice Cream Cone.

My favorites include wild cherry and orange

Tho’ black raspberry and mint chocolate chip are great too. (You knew I couldn’t rhyme orange!)

Banana, wild raspberry and cherry nut follow as seconds

But  I’ll have a banana-split to go when my heart beckons

God Bless you, ya ole ice cream bar.

It started as just a small family establishment in 1943 in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  It became the “go to place” for fine ice cream. Every trip to town was made worthwhile because of a stop there. In the evenings, any date could end well … if it included a taste from the fine ice cream found a Kline’s Dairy Bar. People come from all over Virginia, the Eat Coast of teh U.S.A>,  and the WORLD to taste of their delicacies! A real place!     Every word is the truth.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “32 Flavors.”

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