The ‘Makings’ of a Great Teacher


We Can Be Taught!

What makes a teacher great?

A  Great Teacher can come in all shapes and sizes and backgrounds. But these are the traits GREAT TEACHERS possess.

Gregariously giving of one’s self to attempt to try and meet the needs of each student being instructed in the classroom.

Respect of the student: Making a point to notice when each one misses a day of your class and then to respectfully and with integrity tell them that they were missed.

Encouragement spoken with honesty. Not fluffed up words which even a five-year-old would find patronizing if said five-year-old knew the word patronizing, but acknowledging that there are portions of life that are more important than a daily classroom routine.

Allowing failure, expecting excellence. Each and every day gets to be a “do-over”. Each and every day there is a chance to succeed.

Time management lessons both taught and lived. There is a time for laughter and a time for learning. There is a time for comfort and there is a time for stresses. (Stress is a part of life… without it – there is not growth. With mountains of stress- there is despair and death.)

True love for a cohort of children: Believing that you can make a difference in a generation of difference makers!

Educationally sound teaching principles. Not only accepting the norm and the well-researched principles of teaching, but as a teacher…a great teacher… one has to be willing to try the untested methods when the familiar and comfortable methods do not allow for the success that each student desires.

Accurate and authentic mastery on your personal teaching content. Knowing the
‘intentional subject content’ in such a way that new motivational learning event and unique teaching opportunities are not frightening experiences but sort after celebrations.

Constantly preforming as a juggler of school events. There is never going to be a day without some kind of interruption. Knowing the art of redirect flowing and unification of lessons… the art of accepting a small defeat to win a masterfully, tactically planned victory.” The mastery on an individual skill accomplished by someone who previously had been scared to dream of success.

Having a vision for where you see yourself in five years…. Where do you see your classroom achieving by the end of this month…? What future goals does the little girl in the three row…three seats back want to attain this week? You need to have a true purpose for being in the classroom- AND IT HAS TO INCLUDE A PURPOSE THAT YOUR STUDENTS CAN BELIEVE IN AND DEEPLY DESIRE!

Excellence… Excellence… Excellence… Excellence… Always allow for mistakes, but never take your eyes off the goal!

Relationship. It is not necessary for every student to like you at every moment of every day… but if they know you believe in them, you truly miss them when they are not in your classroom, you will give them every opportunity under the sun to be successful in ‘your classroom family’… that they belong to something important this year. Relationships will allow each and every year that you teach to become a memory-filled year. One you can breathe in the successes from living- then release the rarified air- so that once again you can become the dream-fulfiller to another group of students next year.


This person is a great teacher.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “We Can Be Taught!.”

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