Winter’s Blessings

“Expect up to eleven more inches of snow likely to begin after 9 p.m. Lows tonight in the mid-twenties. Wind Chill factor in single digits.” It had been the same weather report- or worse- for the last three weeks.

“Geeuuuss … Will spring ever get here?”

“You know it is the middle of February. What kind of weather do you expect?”

“I just like to complain. I know it does no good, but at least I think I sleep better at night.”

“Well, you ought to sleep like a baby tonight then, honey.”

“Yeah, right.”


Awakening to the sound of his wife’s tweeting alarm, Hugh dropped both feet onto the floor and found his slippers. After a stop of necessity, Hugh opened the refrigerator door to find the juice and pastries. Monday mornings were best faced with a sweet tooth satisfied.

After a quick breakfast, Hugh knew that the re-excavation of the paths to the cars and to his wife’s birdfeeder were essential, so he clamped on his overshoes and began the ardent task of shoveling.

The walkway to the cars was easy to complete- the winds had continued to briskly eliminate any new snow from the driver’s side of the vehicles.

Shoveling to the birdfeeder was not as kind. What had been eliminated from the pathways to the cars had found its way to be dumped into the pathway to the feeders. The snow seemed to be wetter and heavier today than it had been the previous days.

Dawn was just peeping its way into the sky from behind the trees when a sudden swish went past Hugh’s ears. Looking up Hugh saw a wren being lifted into the air against its will.

What a sight. Hugh leaned on his shovel, resting, as he watched a local owl powerfully flap his way back home.

“The wonder’s of winter. I won’t see that come spring.”

Written for Saturday’s Photo Prompt: Requirements: The Photo Prompt and 100 words. My entry is a catch-up entry from several weeks ago. Therefore, I did not obey the 100 word count! (250 words)


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