The Brothers

We were brothers from different mothers at birth. Our mothers had shared a maternity room way back in the day. Being born on the same day- within three hours of each other- we were driven with just two choices in life: to constantly be in each other’s faces or to constantly having each other’s backs.

Naturally, we were in the same grade. We seemed to like everything exactly the same. This brought about constant conflict- constant rivalries. In academics and in athletics … we would finish together: one in first place, the other in second.

In track meets we made our coaches furious: it was the only sport we could control. Our races were constantly a tie. Soon, intelligence overpowered competition, and we decided to allow (actually enforce) differences. One of us became the sought after quarterback- the other his five-star, all-state receiver. One became the point guard to get the most assists- one the best defensive player in the conference. (We could not negotiate the ability to score points! Pig-headedness was also a brotherly trait!)

Our teams flourished. We flourished. It was wonderful…. Until Brenda.

Once we meet Brenda we knew- one of us would have to step aside.

But that is another story.

Written for Saturday’s Photo Prompt: Requirements: The Photo Prompt and 100 words. My entry is a catch-up entry from several weeks ago. (This one has 200 words.)


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