Open Doors

“I don’t want any supper,” ten-year-old Fredrick said as he slammed the door to his bedroom shut and immediately sat done at his lap top and opened his mesmerizing Physics 302 classroom materials.

As Mother looked exasperatedly up the stairs, she knew that this would not be the last outburst of the just blossoming spring: youth league baseball tryouts had just started and it was always hard to convince Fredrick that required schoolwork in his honor’s classes was just as important as teamwork and practices were to his balling passions.

Mother placed Fredrick’s supper plate in the refrigerator where Fredrick could find it to be warmed later that night.

Raising a ten-year-old who had just started correspondence courses at Hilltop Preparatory Academy was a struggle, but those courses were the only available opportunities for someone like Fredrick to be both mentally challenged as an intellectual and remain here at home with his friends for just another year or two in Whistleton, Kansas.

She bowed her head gazing out the window at what had been home to her since her childhood (the only home that Fredrick had ever known) and petitioned above: if she and Fredrick could have just one more year together, here in Whistleton,  before the pragmatic circumstances of continuing an education forced its ugly hand and dictated that Fredrick attend full-time at Harvard.

Written for Five Sentence Fiction. Requirements: The Photo Prompt and a complete story in just five sentences.


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