The Circle of Five

A writer once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If this is true, which five people would you like to spend your time with?

I have never been one to have “five people” that I would say I spend adequate time with to qualify for this “truth”. I go for “quality’ in friendships far more than ‘quantity’ of friends. I have many, many friend-acquaintances. But I do not think that I would be molded into their images by the limited time that I would spend with them.

If I had the pick my “five” molding groups or individuals, I would pick these:

  • My Shih Tzu puppy
  • My parents
  • My classroom’s full of students
  • The DUKE Blue Devils basketball team, and
  • Rafael Nadal, the Spanish professional tennis player

From Maximillian, my Shih Tzu, I continually learn to be spontaneous, to get the most out of every moment in life, and to take naps often. (I see him daily for many hours of play- and rest- a day.)

From my parents I have learned that the practice of patience does pay dividends and that money really does not grow on trees. (We can now only visit sporadically, having to make the most of limited times and a maladjusted schedule.)

From my students in my classroom I learn to keep the insatiable art of curiosity, the need for stubbornness to get one’s way in the face of society’s compulsion to expect politeness, and the art of quick- almost instantaneous-  forgiveness. (We meet daily, with occasional lapses because of snow days and vacations.)

From the Duke Basketball Team I learn that perseverance will lead to exhaustion, but that if one continues to persevere, one will succeed. (We engage each other- or at least I engage them …electronically- four to six hours a week. The television is a wonderful thing.)

From Raphel Nadal, I think I am learning the art of growing old in a field that one loves. How to fight wisely, grow exponentially, and age gracefully. (I follow him- his every match and his every interview. Yes, I could be a tennis stalker… But I am OK. He does not know I exist. Please, don’t tell him.) (I would like to see him at the US Open!)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Circle of Five.”

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