A Visit to Aunt Freda’s


Musty. Hot. The air… more burdensome than moist.

There were no pets. Wait… Once there was a wounded squirrel on the kitchen table in a small cage.

Before dawn, winter or summer, the split, red-oil-clothed kitchen chairs were sweating. The matching cloth settees in the living room were no better.

One small aisle for movement: tables of all sizes…shelves upon shelves… corners enveloping corners: the house was green.

Ferns. Violets. Ivies. Geraniums. Wild and free.

A blinding amalgamation of multi-shaped blossoms entangled philodendrons with an asthmatic assault which accosted you upon entry.

It wasn’t Grandma’s, but I loved it.

Written for the Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge: Requirements: 99 words and ‘a nutty aunt‘.

5 thoughts on “A Visit to Aunt Freda’s

  1. The way you unfold the story, the narrator seems to be presenting a weird world in somebody’s house and we anticipate the comment, “it was dreadful.” But the lovely twist you write is that it was different from Grandma’s — a given that a child loves Grandma’s house — yet this was beloved, too. Great depth achieved in 99 words.

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