Just Boyhood Adventures?


“Club it! Hit it harder.” Herman Webster was staring intently, fascinated, as his friend was bludgeoning their victim. “Careful. Only his head.”

With great ceremony, the hare was carried to the isolated shed in the back field.

Removing his fresh honed knife, he made the precise incision from throat on down. Stretching the rib-cage of the tiny animal, Herman gazed with rapt allure at the rabbit’s innards.

“He’s yours now,” his riveted eyes now ready for their next adventure. “Tan the hide. Dispose of the remains. See you here again tomorrow. Let’s try for a fox!”

Herman carefully concealed his trophy in his front pants’ pocket: the hare’s foot.

(Requirement: 110 words. Your story had to begin with the word “club” and end with the word “foot“. This was the first of many conquests before H. H. Holmes became a physician, and America’s first renowned, modern-day serial killer.) Written for Micro Bookends.


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