Don’t Hate the Music

“The door was open when we got here, Sargent.”

“Who called it in?”

“Anonymous, sir. A noise complaint.”

“You been inside?”

“Orders were to wait for you outside, sir. They said it was your sister’s place.”

“It is. Let’s keep this by the book. You’re in charge, Lieutenant. I’m just here to give the permission.”

“Body’s over here. And she’s still holding on to a tambourine.”

Written for Grammar Ghoul Press: Chimera 66 Challenge #2 (Requirements: 66 Words including the word tambourine)


13 thoughts on “Don’t Hate the Music

  1. You made me giggle until I had hiccups! The idea that her tambourine playing was such a nuisance that she was murdered for it–hilarious! I am curious about her brother, though–did he not like it much either. Like, he told her once, “One day you’re going to piss off the wrong person with your tambourine playing, and they’re gonna kill you for it.” lol Great job!

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