Where There’s a “Will” …


“Tea is awaiting you in the back parlor, sirs.”

“Thanks, Winston. That will be all for today,” responded Phillip as he and his identical twin, Steven, handed their jackets to the butler. “We will be in for the evening. You can have the night off.”


“The service was nicely attended,” stated Phillip as the brothers headed toward a much needed respite.  “I am glad I was able to be back from Tokyo for the funeral.”

“I arrived, purely by accident, to see Dad just before he passed,” responded Steven. “For the last three months I have been skiing in Oslo.”

“I bet Dad was not happy that we both are still ‘floundering around in the world’ … as he called it.” Phillip chuckled. “Guess the old man won’t have any way to pressure us to settle now and put down true roots.”

“I do wonder what his will says.” Steven replied.

There was a knock on the back parlor door. “We’ll know soon enough. The lawyer was to be here at 8:00 PM sharp. I asked him to use our back study entrance. That was why I dismissed the help.”

“Come in, Mr. Burkett,” Phillip greeted him. “Have a seat. May we offer you a refreshment?”

“No, thank you. This will only take a moment.”

Phillip and Steven both looked at each other. Neither had been involved with any kind of probate before, but certainly it took longer than moments?

“This is just a formality: you will both continue receiving your allowance for three more years. Then the estate goes to Sir Edwards’s first grandson.”

“But neither of us are even engaged!” both brothers gasped simultaneously.

“Sir Edward was well aware of the lifestyles you both have chosen. The will specifically states that if within three years’ time, there is not an heir, your allowances are voided and the estate is to go the National Gallery in London. Good luck gentlemen.”

And with that, Mr. Burkett walked out the back door of the study.

Written for Sunday Photo Fictioner (Around 200+ Word Count Requirement) (I went over!)


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