“X” Marks the Spot


“Do you remember that old saying, ‘X marks the spot.’?” I asked Rudolph as we sat down for a much needed afternoon break.  “That was grandfather’s favorite saying.”

“That crazy old geezer planned all this before he died?’

I unpacked the contents of my rucksack: a sextant and chronometer, a compass, a handmade sundial, and an old grandfather watch “Every summer with Gramps- our vacations were either sailing the inlets in the Atlantic, or camping near the Eureka Dunes in Death Valley.

“His will, if I’m to receive anything before I’m thirty-five, is hidden somewhere in these hills. He paid an aviation firm to fly over the area each morning during the first week of April, each year, after his death. My brother and I have those seven days to zero in on the treasure’s coordinates using these antiquities and this hieroglyph’s map.

I handed Rudolph the map. “Three mountain peaks, a river, and what looks to be a human face with three horns.”

“That’s it”. I replied. “The releasing our trust fund hinges of what is buried at the center of those horns.”

After completing a few more measurements I took one more swig on my canteen.  “Losing daylight. Let’s keep moving.”

Usually for Mondays Finish the Story the requirements are 150 words. (I cheated? But I did not enter this one. )


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