A Moment in Time


I sat there anxiously as I watched him call in my plate numbers.

Reaching across, I opened the glove compartment and removed the vehicle identification papers and my insurance documents. He would examine those next.

Blue and red strobes were rhythmically reflecting in my mirrors and in the two awkwardly parked cars on either side of me waiting to be towed.

I wanted to get away… to reverse life’s choices… to hand the keys to my brother like he had asked me to at the party.

Too late now.

At least no one was hurt.

What a great birthday.

Written for The Carrot Ranch (99 Word Count Required)

4 thoughts on “A Moment in Time

  1. The details start from what seems like an ordinary traffic stop to the realization that it’s a moment that is going to having lingering impact. It focuses the reader on routine only to hit us with sharp regret. well done in 99 words. An interesting take on a moment of being. I think the character would rather be elsewhere.


  2. Not only was your character in the moment but I was there in the moment with him. I went from pity (thinking perhaps he’d reached an age that he had to hand his plates in and then with the dawning realisation of how stupid he had been and the long lasting effects it would have on a day that should have been a celebration.


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