A Night to Remember


“That’s the best one so far!” Elaine whispered resting her head on my shoulder.

“It was a purple peony. You’ll see more peonies tonight than any other fireworks.” I replied. “Listen, hear the sizzling. Here come the comets.” At least seven bright orange and yellow orbs burst through the air in varied direction.

Suddenly the sky was ablaze with green and red tic-tac-toe boards. The crackling noises from the descending miniature fireballs made Elaine cover her head fearing fall-out. “Those were crossettes,” I whispered.

Tonight had all been arranged: I was going to pop the question.

I had worked at Tucson Amusements for three summers. My buddies were great when I had asked off for the night. They knew why. The finale was for me.

I had personally set up the closing mortars and shells. They would be lit exactly ninety seconds after the supposed conclusion. The sky would darken completely, then suddenly … four deafening booms. Two huge rings would unexpectedly intersect as they filled the sky… an emerald green one and a bright lavender. Then I would…

There they were. I waited until she saw the sky emblazoned with our favorite colors… I whispered. “Those were for you.”

Written from the prompt on Sunday Photo Fiction (A 200 word limit)

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