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December 31, 2014 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about steps, stairs or a staircase. Where do they lead? Who is walking or avoiding them? Are they clearly defined or ancient? Why are theses steps important? Lead us on a 99 word discovery!

“Good-night!” and the door slammed. Reverberations echoed all the way down the stairs into my study.

Life as usual, now that Alice has passed.

She had understood the girl. She had a way with her.

Me, … not so much.

I knew that this kind of behavior could not go on without repercussions, but I also know a man has to pick his fights.

“No Fight Tonight,” I thought. “She’s not really in a listening mood anyway.”

After finishing the briefs, I quietly go upstairs. I pass her room. The door is ajar?

“Maybe tonight,” I think.  I knock.

Written for The Carrot Ranch writing contest. (99 Words Required)

3 thoughts on “Goodnight!

  1. This flash portrays the tensions in a relationship. The stairs feature so subtly, the path a person walks while pondering the next step. It quietly moves the tension along.


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