Til Death Do Us Part


“’Til death do you part.” Excessively romantic? Or depressingly intense? Was this the line that was supposed to be the most important from the ceremony?  Davis thought back over the last incredibly long year. ”What had happened to the love, honor, and cherish?”

A whirlwind romance. They had met after one of his games… the Utah Jazz game. Sasha was gorgeous. Articulate. Radiant. At the time, she had seemed perfect. Three months later, they were married.

He was a rookie: first year away from all those he held dear. From high school he could have played anywhere, but he chose to stay home and attend his father’s alma mater. It was a good choice. Principled, family roots had stayed entrenched and stable. He had excelled: a four year Collegiate Scholar and an All-American.

Outsiders thought his world was easy, but that wasn’t true. He was ambitious. A self-starter. He was an overcomer: obstacles were opportunities. The world was his oyster.

But suddenly he had found, not all oysters contain pearls. And even when they contained a pearl, not all pearls were equal.

Never-ending demands from marriage… from Sasha. It wasn’t that she was being unreasonable. It’s just that in a single’s life, responsibilities were casual. In marriage, responsibilities became obligations: problems seemed to escalate.

Another after-party… without Sasha. “Other commitments…,” she said… again.

Looking around. So many untried opportunities. Glimmering possibilities.

Another pearl was approaching.

“Hello, my name is Davis.” He flirtatiously interjected.

After all, the world is my oyster.

(Word Limit of 250)

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