The Cost of Achievement


“Just look,” whispered four-year-old Angus in awe. “Such huge buildings?”

Quickly disembarking from the trolley, Angus and I grabbed tightly to Father’s hands.  This was an adventure for both of us. Our small farm was a good walk from Renfrew. We had visited Glasgow once, just over night, when Mother was ill. Angus was too small to remember it. I didn’t want to remember it. Mother didn’t come home. Since then, it was just Angus, me, and Dad.

Entranced in all that surrounded me, I was staunchly aware of the truth. The entire village celebrated when the Earl of Glasgow offered an academic scholarship to our small village school. They were so proud of me: the villages’ only Honors Recipient. But with all life-changing events, there are rewards and repercussions. To achieve graduation from the most prestigious boarding school in all the Kingdom, I was having to leave Angus and Dad.

Slowly we walked the final blocks to the steps of my new home. Kneeling, I kissed Angus on his cheek: Dad kissed me on mine. Hand in hand they walked back to the terminal. I watched them until they made the final turn. Goodbyes were not what we did.


sacrificial good-byes

the future is mine

This was my first attempt at a Haibun. A Haibun is a short piece of fiction – mine is 200 words – using a Haiku as the concluding element. I hope you enjoyed it.

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