The Cliché

I have never been one good at ‘letting sleeping dogs lie’ when I think I have ‘an ace up I my sleeve’. Nor am I one to usually ‘toot my own horn’, but today I want to ‘take it to the top’ with this writing prompt. So go on and ‘say your prayers’, ‘cause you are now ‘shakin’ hands with your wife’s best friend!’

(Sorry for you slower folk, but ‘you apparently zigged when you should have zagged’ … so just be happy at being ‘at the end of the pecking order’.)

Now, I don’t want prematurely ‘to let the cat out of the bag’, and I don’t want to cause you to be ‘a-wiggin’ out’ before the ‘big read’, but I think I have a ‘righteous idea’ for this Cliché Prompt.

While others might have spent hours upon hours reminiscing ‘at wit’s end’ about their past glories, I figured ‘actions spoke louder than words’ … so this being said and having been ‘above board’ with what I am about to write, here goes.

Sitting down to create a composition about a cliché, I was instantly reminded that ‘even a blind squirrel finds an acorn now and then’: I remembered the night I meet by precious wife. I was dining at the local watering hole -just me and the guys- wanting to ‘wolf-down’ a pizza or two (or seven) and ‘bone up on’ our skills at a game of darts.

We were unexpectedly accosted by these two beautiful blondes. Well, ’boys will be boys’ and not wanting to insult them, we asked them to join us. We were ‘swimming in molasses’ with beauty! After a few beverages and numerous slices of pizza, the establishments’ barista came back to ask us if there was anything else.

Flippantly, I said, “Sure. How ’bout your number?” Usually I am ‘stiff as a board’ around babes, but It was easy ‘to be a player’ when beautiful dames are ‘a-hanging from the ceiling’ all around you. ‘Stop the presses!’ The barista took out her pen and ‘inked-out her digits’.

Needless to say, when I got home that evening I immediately ‘went for broke’ and called the aforementioned number hoping it was not ‘a bum steer’.  I was not ‘a babe in the woods’ when it came to gag jokes, but I hoped that having already meet this girl, I ‘already had one paw in the chicken coop’… ‘my posse and I’ had left a big tip.

Being ‘not 16 and having been kissed’, I expected to be greeted by a gas station attendant or a representative from a crematorium. Here I was taking the chance I that I would ‘burn out in a blaze of glory’ anyway because my buddies and I also had ‘the digits’ of our former dining companions. But having met the bodacious, barroom babes, I knew that “all that glitters isn’t gold’ ya know.

The number was ringing. She personally answered! It was,‘honest to God’, her number.

Well, ‘I’m not stuffed shirt’ or ‘all thumbs’ around women, so I immediately asked her if she wanted ‘to cut a rug’ for the coming weekend. It was fine with me that she wasn’t a blonde. ‘Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’… and she was ‘fine as wine’ and ‘as pleasant as the day was long’ while she was a-serving our table.

I was usually ‘the dark horse’ when it came to women because I’ve been told that I ‘dance to the beat of a different drummer’. It was a pleasant surprise that instead of me being stuck with ‘that deer in the headlights’ expression on the phone, she said, “Yes.” She would love to ‘bogie the night away” with me.

As they say, ’the rest is history’. After three dates, I proposed … and after these now seventeen years we have six ‘rug rats’- four boys and two girls. A ‘happily ever after’ story if there ever was one.

Now, I am not one to ‘go around spoutin’ off’ cheap clichés. I actually hate them. But why ‘go around by Jake’s barn’- just say what your mean:  a truth is a truth is a truth.

So I figger’… if you got something good you should go with it. Why wait around. You know what they always say, “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”

Oh, ‘to be young and foolish’ again!”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Cliché.”

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