It Has to Start Sometime

New beginnings are always a great time! I am constantly in awe of the resoluteness one needs for the closing of the door behind to walk slowly but assuredly away from one’s comfort. And then how soon it can be followed by the exhilaration and anticipation of new worlds to be found in the opening of the doors ahead.

This is where I find myself. Wanting… Maybe even needing… to enter a new unexplored world. Yet I still enjoy and find fulfillment and rest in the world in which I presently reside.

Living simultaneously in two worlds… It can’t last forever… But while it does, I will enjoy the ride.

81 thoughts on “It Has to Start Sometime

      1. It’s funny. Re-reading this now I have a different take. I’ve been repairing an old house that I once lived in. I find I want to preserve the old as much as possible while still going for the new. It’s like I’m trying to keep as many doors open for as long as I can.

        Thanks for dropping by my blog and reading Suzie’s House.

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  1. I long for adventures… the kind you find in new beginnings. For a long time, I believed I needed a new beginning in a new country. I spent months (years, actually!) researching the places I’d like to call home. Eventually I did an about-turn and realised that the country where I live is actually pretty cool (Portugal – I’ve lived here since I was ten). So, perhaps the new beginning I long for is just a new home? So now we’re hoping to build our dream home here! Such is life, right?
    Namaste 🙂

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  2. Now this is quite interesting that you are finding this a good feeling to be one foot in the new and one in the old…Bridges calls this times of chaos but you seem comfortable not quite letting go and exploring the new:)

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    1. Yes, I have enjoyed it very much so far! You will have to stop back in and read some. I am doing the back stories of famous paintings. “Alternative Aspirations of Picasso”


  3. Very intriguing post! I think it is important to try new things on one hand but staying within a certain comfort zone on the other.

    Roger, I have nominated you for the challenge, “Allergic to E.” I hope you will accept the challenge. For more information, please read my post.

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  4. Endings and new beginnings are always something to put us into a “out of comfort zone.” I wish it was not that way. Change is always happening to most. I remember the years that people had jobs for 30+ years, not now! With all my job skills and BA DEGREE I am over qualified. Go figure.

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  5. “. . . closing of the door behind to walk slowly but assuredly away from one’s comfort. And then how soon it can be followed by the exhilaration and anticipation of new worlds to be found in the opening of the doors ahead.” This is exactly how I have felt at nine different times in my life when I’ve left a place I’ve been to experience an entirely new life. I’m wondering now if I’ll ever do it again.

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  6. “Living simultaneously in two worlds…” It’s a beautiful phrasing of the dilemma we sometimes find ourselves in. Not wholly in one world or the other, we stand at the line that divides both. I’m sure that when you choose the door to open, it will be the best choice, with the sweetest rewards!

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  7. New beginnings?! Hmm… I really haven’t had many new beginnings – but i have tasted them – and i believe new beginnings are what make you truly alive. But then most of the times you need lots of guts to shut the doors behind and walk towards the new doors, new beginnings.

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  8. I can’t help but think of Robert Frost’s, “The Road Not Taken.” I’ve always found it to be a haunting poem…certainly not as uplifting as most people seem to find it. Here, too, I think you have that same sense of loss and potential…new beginnings are both a celebration and lamentation.

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    1. Thanks for asking. Summer has been rough, Dad (90+) has had difficulties and I am processing the publishing of my entire classroom of Seventh grade in Scholastic type magazines. I have had little time for anything else. I am on the final two weeks! I think that I will make deadline. It has been a passive project. Over 800 entries! But so far, everyone who has seen it has liked it??? I hope it is effective. I can’t wait to get back to writing for myself!!!

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  9. I’ve always loved new beginnings as well and have jumped off into many of them. I am finding it harder to do so now, however, and wish I had the nerve to make one more giant leap into the unknown.


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