Below Are the #1 Bestsellers from the New York Times in Fiction for the year 2014. This is one of the reading lists I will be choosing books from for my reading this year.


The New York Times Bestsellers 2014 for Fiction

(Combined Print and e-books)

Sycamore_Row_-_cover_art_of_hardcover_book_by_John_GrishamSycamore Row




inventionThe Invention of Wings




GoldThe Goldfinch




privatePrivate L. A.




concealedConcealed in Death




The Chance

Words of Radiance: The second book of the Stormlight Archive fantasy epic, set in the world of Roshar.

Night Broken

Missing You

Shadow Spell

The King (Book 12)

Carnal Curiosity

The Collector

The Target

Unlucky 13

The One and Only

Skin Game (15th Book)

Mr. Mercedes

Written in My Own Heart’s Blood  (8th Book)

Top Secret Twenty-One


Act of War

The Book of Life (3rd)

Fifty Shades of Grey

Big Little Lies


The Long Way Home


Festive in Death

Edge of Eternity (3rd Book)

Gone Girl

Gray Mountain

Blood Magick (3rd Book)

The Burning Room


Captivated by You

Hope to Die

All the Light We Cannot See

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