jamesPattersonJames Patterson

The Alex Cross books.

Alex Cross is a detective/ psychologist with the city of Washington D.D. His tough guy exterior with the police department is off-set by his love of classical piano/jazz is and his affection for his two children.





spiderAlong Came a Spider (1993)

Alex finds himself at the center of the crime of the century committed by Gary Soneji- child prodigy, psychopath, dramatist, teacher, serial killer, and kidnapper. Working with the FBI and the Secret Service Alex is played by both sides of this nightmare as he struggles to find the truth about a kidnapped little girl.



kissKiss the Girls (1995)

Two serial killers-best friends- if a serial killer can share that intimately. One on each coast…comparing their conquests. One of the victims, a loved one of Alex Cross, places him at the center of the solving of these unspeakable transgressions. With the hopes of finding Naomi- his niece- still alive, Alex is drawn into yet another series of brutal psychotic adventures.



lg-jackAndJillMMJack & Jill (1996)





catCat and Mouse (1997)





popGoesTheWeaselPPBmmPop Goes the Weasel (1999)





rosesAreRedMMRoses are Red (2000)





violetsAreBlueMMViolets Are Blue (2001)





fourBlindMiceMMFour Blind Mice (2002)





bigBadWolfThe Big Bad Wolf (2003)





londonBridgesLondon Bridges (2004)





maryMaryMary, Mary (2005)





crossPPB2Cross (2006 )





doubleCrossDouble Cross (2007)





crossCountryCross Country (2008)





alexCrossTrialAlex Cross’s Trial (2009)

Pure, unadulterated racism… not based necessarily on hate… but on fear.

Both fear and hate allow one’s mind to disconnect of humanity’s common sense and compassion: ‘historically’ revealed in this book.

I felt as “Ben” – wanting to throw-up and hide from the people that were supposed to be my peers.


iAlexCrossI, Alex Cross (2009)

Alec is caught in the investigation of the brutal death of a loved one. A high-roller from the White House is implicated.

The quandary: Who does one trust when good guys go rogue?



crossFireCross Fire ( 2010)





killAlexCrossKill Alex Cross (2011)





merryChristmasAlexCrossMerry Christmas Alex Cross (2012)

It’s Christmas Eve, and Alex is called to save mankind instead of celebrating his family’s holiday traditions. Nana Mama’s premonitions escalate as do the horrific holiday crises. From a deranged father’s hostage negotiations to a terrorist’s paralyzing hold on the nation’s capital- Alex’s skills are required.



alexCrossRunAlex Cross, Run (2013)





crossMyHeartCross My Heart





hopeToDieHope to Die

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