I have been trying to determine a way for the posting of my Reading Blog without bombarding the true purpose of my WordPress site and alienating my beloved followers in my flash fiction community.

This is what I have decided.

I will post ONE separate blog about the each of the categories of books that I intend to read over this next year, and then I will only update the page as I continue to read books in each of the categories. Therefore those that are interested in best-seller correspondence can periodically check back and see how I am doing. If I find a book note-worthy of an individual blog, I will post it on my main page.

So, that being said…. This Reader’s Blog will contain responses- hopefully useful for other future reader’s endeavors- in the following categories of books:

  • The New York Bestsellers 2014 of Fiction
  • The New York Bestsellers 2014 of Nonfiction
  • James Patterson
  • A magazine series of responses to personal interests:
    • Sport’s Illustrated
    • Poets and Writers and Writer’s Digest
    • National Geographic
    • TIME
    • People
    • Reader’s Digest
    • Archaeology from the Archaeological Institute of America
    • Sky and Telescope

I will also have a page for Young Adult Literature… since I am a teacher of junior high students.

As you can see, I am a reader… So I am looking forward to blogging about one of my passions.

I hope that by doing my Reader’s Blog this way, it will not become obtrusive to my primary passion- Flash Fiction.

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